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Spring Morning

After what has seemed like an extraordinarily long winter, it felt so good to have breakfast on the east porch once again.   Warm air, fruit trees in bloom.  Grass greening up.  Blue skies with fluffy white clouds.  French music playing on the iPod.  This is just the kind of slow and easy morning I needed.  The rest of the day plans on being a busy one, but for now, for this moment in time, I am embracing the slow pace.

Tree Trimming

This past Sunday, Emery and I set to work using the High Limb Rope Saw to cut some large branches off the nearly dead, leaning more each year, Cottonwood tree on our land.  We love the tree, its held swings, provided shade for picnics, and soothed us with the sound of its leaves in the wind.  We all love the tree, so the thoughts of bringing it down, is painful.  But, it has reached the point of being dangerous.  A wet spring or a strong storm will bring it crashing down.  We could call out a tree service company to take it down, but we are talking close to $1,000 for that and to be honest, we kind of want to take it down limb by limb, seeing if we can hold onto this tree for another year or so, but taking off the dead limbs and making it safer if it did come crashing down.  My crows love this tree, as does the great horned owl that hoots loudly from it most nights.    Its just one of those trees the entire family loves, due to the memories we have from enjoying its shade on hot summe…

Diaper Sewing

Making those new fangled, fancy cloth diapers that are all the rage these days.   Cloth diapering has come a long way since my day.  No more pins, and no rubber pants to pull on.  Its all one piece.  They are pretty costy in the stores so I volunteered to make them for Axel.  What fun I am having sewing them.  I am using some old fashioned prefolds for some of the diaper part that snaps into the cover.  I had them on hand from the other grandbabies so rather than just let them lay around in the closet, I attached snaps and will use them as inserts.  I love all the outer shell fabrics they have available for these diapers and really love how you can make them for so much cheaper than buying them ready made.    Using some organic hemp fabric and some organic bamboo for the "doublers" .  Hoping to have 36 diapers made by next weekend.  Its so much fun having another baby in the family !!!

Our Personal Success

This morning, over breakfast, Emery and I had a rather profound discussion.  It was about personal successes in life and we both agreed that our lives have been very successful on a deep and meaningful level.   I have always had a bit of a "Thoreau" sort of mindset.  Marching happily through life to the drum beat I hear.  A bit of a hippie.  Certainly liberal in politics,  not much into materialism, but seeing family as the most precious jewel in life.  When we married, I was an Earth shoe, flannel shirt and jeans sort of girl.  Long hair, braided.  Tee shirts that said something about what was important to me, my husband fell madly in love with me for who I was, and we both had goals of living our lives with purpose, with intention, non of which had anything to do with status or with what was deemed success by the worlds standards.  We wanted land, food we could grow on our own.  Children that eat healthy food, and played in the great outdoors.  Our fun would be in observin…

Its Spring Time !

Today is the day it becomes official, Spring Arrives  !  Its been an unusual winter for us.  Colder than normal, and then just a roller coaster of temperatures.  The plum tree budded out beautifully and the next day was the coldest we had seen it in years.  There went the plum crop for us.   The beautiful blossoms were brown by morning.   Most years I am happily pruning my rose bushes the first week in February, not so this year.  Some are still waiting to be done.   The garden was planted with the frost hardy plants a full month later than any other year.   I have yet to find a bird nest like the one in the photo that was taken a couple of years ago.  But today, I feel hopeful, that we have turned the corner towards warmer weather.  Our little chicks are growing like weeds and soon will be too big for the brooder, they are all feathered out and ready for the next move, and we can move them, provided winter does not show his face again.
We have all had bronchitis, colds and coughs for …

Sweater Set

A few pictures of Axel in the sweater, hat and booties I made for him.  It was a fun knitting project and this sweet little guy is such a sweet baby

Great Joy

It is with great joy, we announce the arrival of our new grandson, Axel.   First child to our daughter Melissa and our son in law James.  He arrived last night weighing in at 7lbs 14 oz.  He is 20 inches long.  Healthy and beautiful !  All went well and we are just as proud as can be.  God is so good, so very good.

Urgent Prayer Request

Mei-Ling was rushed to Childrens Hospital her ammonia levels out of the ball park.  She is in ICU and not doing well at all.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Roller Coaster Ride Weather

The roller coaster of temperatures continues.  Yesterday, it was 80 F, with the plum tree full of blossoms and today, its 26 F and dropping by the hour, with ice and sleet.   The chicks are staying warm in their brooder on the porch, its covered by plastic and for extra measure, I added a quilt.   They seem quite content and warm.