Thursday, March 20, 2014

Its Spring Time !

Today is the day it becomes official, Spring Arrives  !  Its been an unusual winter for us.  Colder than normal, and then just a roller coaster of temperatures.  The plum tree budded out beautifully and the next day was the coldest we had seen it in years.  There went the plum crop for us.   The beautiful blossoms were brown by morning.   Most years I am happily pruning my rose bushes the first week in February, not so this year.  Some are still waiting to be done.   The garden was planted with the frost hardy plants a full month later than any other year.   I have yet to find a bird nest like the one in the photo that was taken a couple of years ago.  But today, I feel hopeful, that we have turned the corner towards warmer weather.  Our little chicks are growing like weeds and soon will be too big for the brooder, they are all feathered out and ready for the next move, and we can move them, provided winter does not show his face again.
We have all had bronchitis, colds and coughs for months it seems and are so ready for short sleeves and no need of jackets.   Now, don't get me wrong, I love the cold, I love winter, but I also like normal !  I like the seasons to arrive on time for us.   
Spring is a busy time for us, planting, cleaning up after winter, new farm animals to care for and what seems like a never ending list of things to be done.  I actually like this busy-ness.  Its as exciting to me as when we have to prepare for winter cold.   
Its time for me to get out to the garden, dig in the rich brown soil and plant more of out Heirloom seeds.  All organic, no GMO's.   I like that.  
Yesterday, I planted 14 Elderberry Bushes thanks to the kindness of a blog reader that sent me a box of cuttings.  I am so excited to have our own little Elderberry patch.    The older we get, the bigger the garden gets.  Life is good. 

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