Great Joy

It is with great joy, we announce the arrival of our new grandson, Axel.   First child to our daughter Melissa and our son in law James.  He arrived last night weighing in at 7lbs 14 oz.  He is 20 inches long.  Healthy and beautiful !  All went well and we are just as proud as can be.  God is so good, so very good.


Congratulations, Axel! Who are his parents? Is he the son of your older daughter? How is Mei-Ling?
aimee said…
Congratulations to the new parents Melissa + James (+ of course to the rest of Axel's extended family)! May God bless + keep this little one always. Blessings,
PS: Any updates on your granddaughter Mei-Ling?
I think I must have been a bit asleep when I wrote my last comment. I see you already answered the question of who his parents are! I hope Mei is doing well!
How wonderful! Congratulations on another beautiful grandbaby, Patty!
He's a beautiful baby. You are all blessed.
Diane said…
Congratulations and we hope Mei-Ling is well and home by now.
Peacemom said…
Congratulations to all! He's adorable. How's Mei-Ling doing? You're all in my prayers.

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