Friday, March 21, 2014

Diaper Sewing

Making those new fangled, fancy cloth diapers that are all the rage these days.   Cloth diapering has come a long way since my day.  No more pins, and no rubber pants to pull on.  Its all one piece.  They are pretty costy in the stores so I volunteered to make them for Axel.  What fun I am having sewing them.  I am using some old fashioned prefolds for some of the diaper part that snaps into the cover.  I had them on hand from the other grandbabies so rather than just let them lay around in the closet, I attached snaps and will use them as inserts.  I love all the outer shell fabrics they have available for these diapers and really love how you can make them for so much cheaper than buying them ready made.    Using some organic hemp fabric and some organic bamboo for the "doublers" .  Hoping to have 36 diapers made by next weekend.  Its so much fun having another baby in the family !!!

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Lisa said...

Axel's new all-in-ones are adorable!
He is blessed to have such a loving and talented grammie :)

Did Mei receive the envelope I sent her? I emailed you, but wasn't sure if you got my post.

Kiss Axel for me!

Lisa NM

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