Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tree Trimming

This past Sunday, Emery and I set to work using the High Limb Rope Saw to cut some large branches off the nearly dead, leaning more each year, Cottonwood tree on our land.  We love the tree, its held swings, provided shade for picnics, and soothed us with the sound of its leaves in the wind.  We all love the tree, so the thoughts of bringing it down, is painful.  But, it has reached the point of being dangerous.  A wet spring or a strong storm will bring it crashing down.  We could call out a tree service company to take it down, but we are talking close to $1,000 for that and to be honest, we kind of want to take it down limb by limb, seeing if we can hold onto this tree for another year or so, but taking off the dead limbs and making it safer if it did come crashing down.  My crows love this tree, as does the great horned owl that hoots loudly from it most nights.    Its just one of those trees the entire family loves, due to the memories we have from enjoying its shade on hot summer days.    Emery and I set to work sawing away the limbs that had to come down.  Its a good work out for sure, very cardio intensive !   The wood will be split into kindling, for that hot, fast, first fire.  Nothing will be lost from it.  Tonight after Emery gets home from work, we will attempt another limb.  Throwing the weighted rope to just the right spot, is a bit of a challenge at times but with some patience, Emery finds just the right angle to throw.  Its all part of our chosen life style.  Simple living, and doing things for ourselves.  We sure sleep well at night.

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Carole said...

It's so great to think like you do ! Such trees provide shelter and food for a lot of wildlife, great and small. Too many people hurry to cut down trees and don't consider them living things. In our neighbour's garden is a birch tree that a great spotted woodpecker visited regularly but not long ago they trimmed it and removed all the dead parts - now I don't get to see that beautiful bird anymore... pity.

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