Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Is Back

Yesterday was warm, 62 F, a good day to get ready for another arctic blast,  This week Emery is working at the Stock Show, so the chores are mine alone, which is fine, I enjoy doing all that needs to be done.  I spent the late afternoon hauling wood from the wood shed up to the back porch so I can easily grab it when I need to.   I stood in the doorway of the wood shed, feeling very satisfied knowing that we will be toasty warm for a long time.   Lamplight and candle light gives the house an extra cozy feeling as the sun set yesterday.   Today, its chilly, especially after a few very warm days, but I love it.   Raisin bread rising beside the wood stove, Cinnamon loaf bread cooling on the counter, ready for eating when Melanie stops by after Mei-Lings post op follow up at the Doctors.  Yen is playing quietly in the cradle, that is far too small for him but still the most favorite place to look at books for all the grandchildren.  Life is good. 

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