Prayer Please

Please keep Mei-Ling and the family in your prayers as tomorrow is her surgery. We have no idea if it will be an easy fix or a very long and involved surgery. I think everyone is a little stressed over it since its a re-do of a surgery where we almost lost her and she ended up in ICU for quite some time. Surgery is at 1 p.m. Please pass this along to any prayer group, list etc


aimee said…
Thanks for the reminder. I will be praying for Mei-Ling May God be with her and give you (and all of your family) peace.
God bless,
I am praying for Mei-Ling and for all of you. You have all been through so much together.
Irenbjor said…
I find it so wierd , I hardly ever look at your blog, it is not on my blog list or on my bookmarks YET, the Holy Spirit always tells me to look at your blog when you need prayer ! Im sorry I dont mean to sound strange or uncaring because Im not like that , I just find it so strange that I dont even know you, you certainly dont talk much to me if ever yet I am always lead to pray for that little girl! I do pray in Yeshuas name for HIS LIGHT, SPIRIT and person to be there in Mei Ling and in the doctors hand and give the doctors wisdom and the ability to help her and fix her once for all and to do this right for her sake BE There with them Father through Your Sons work on the Cross I pleade the blood of Yeshua over Mei Ling for the healing to be given in your name Yeshua Ha Mashiac !!!
Irenbjor said…
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Rosemary said…
Praying for Mei-Ling and the entire family.
Rosemary said…
Praying for Mei-Ling and the entire family.
Praying everything goes well for sweet Mei-Ling.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

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