Thursday, January 09, 2014

Willing To Grow, Willing To Change

This morning as I was out doing chores, and stopping every once in a while to soak in the beauty of the fog, I would notice this or that around the place that needed to be changed, or fixed and I started thinking about life in general and how things change and how I see within myself the need to change this or that, the need to grow in a certain area and how we all need to be willing to change the things in us that need fixing, adjusting, or a complete make-over.  I am not talking about het physical, that's a whole other subject.  I am talking about attitudes, faulty character traits, and learning to let go of those childhood truths that do not serve us as adults.
If we know we can be grouchy, we probably need to work on not being grouchy.   If we are impatient, we probably need to fix that.  So as much as I write about being content in life, I realized that I should never be completely content, because in that, there is danger in not growing spiritually, not growing into a better person.  Contentment can in some instances foster a sort of apathy to change and change can be a really good thing at times.   A few years ago I took a long look at my issue with not always finishing a project when it got to be the "not fun" part of it.  Or my ability to wait for the last minute to get something done.  I decided I needed to CHANGE that.  It didn't serve me well and it was something that I had to work on.  I did and now I am finishing each project before starting another one, with the exception of having a sewing project and a knitting project at the same time.  Sometimes I just need a change off from knitting because my hands feel tired, and I don't do well with not having a project to do.   Change can be good, changing the not so pleasant things about us requires we be honest with ourselves, and be willing to change what needs to be changed.  When I sit in meditation, my mind still, no racing thoughts of what I should be doing, what I just did, or who did what, when and how, I can look at myself calmly, honestly, and seek to look at my life as an open book,  see the fears I hold on to and see how they take hold of my choices, my attitudes and my actions, in much the same was as I saw all that needed to be done around our little farm place this morning, committing to do the work to get things the way they need to be to make things easier and yes, more harmonious !

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