Thursday, January 02, 2014

Catching Up... Christmas

Time for some catching up.  Christmas was wonderful this year, with one exception.  Melissa and James were both working on Christmas and not able to be with us.  The Grandblessings are at a perfect age for all the surprises and wonder of Christmas.  Their excitement, contagious.   We had a nice little dinner party on Christmas eve with some very dear friends and then Christmas brunch at our house with everyone.   It was a delightful day, quiet in the afternoon after the children left to celebrate with more family.   The gifts I received, all picked with care and simply perfect.  I feel blessed to have a son and daughters that fill my heart with such joy and of the grandchildren, joy beyond words.  


Roses around the door... said...

Beautiful photo's x

Jacqui said...

Nice pictures, and it sounds like a lovely Christmas.

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