Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday

On Facebook these days, there is something called "Throwback Thursday" where you post a photo from your past or something in the past that means something to you.  I really like that and decided today, I would do it on my blog.  I like things of the past, I am after all a kind of old fashioned gal.  Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the modern technology and to be honest, I feel a bit lost without my cell phone and my computer.  I certainly appreciate modern medicine too. But, there are aspects of the "good old days" I love.  I like hanging clothes outside and as you know decided long ago to have a clothes dryer in the house, knowing full well, that I might just grow a bit lazy and not do this productive 20 or so minutes of aerobics out by the solar powered, wind generated clothes dryer of mine, commonly referred to as the clothes line !   I feel a sense of accomplishment making soap and doing the dishes by hand.  No dishwasher here either, I know myself and might just get lazy.  I like the look of lamps burning in the evening and heating the house with wood.  I like hand written notes and baking bread without some machine doing it for me.   The simple life seems to be less inclined to drama and all this "gutta have" mentality that robs you of something, inner peace and time to think.  I have no need to go sit for hours in a meditation class, I can just go to the garden and pull weeds.  Powerful place to think and pray and at the same time be productive.
I was looking through old photos today for this Throwback Thursday thing and came across this one of my children out breaking up the ice on the corner near our house, taken in 96 I think.  They had no TV, no computer, no cell phones, no video games, but, what they did have was time to help people.  Time to head outside in the cold and break the ice in the road so the people in their cars had a bit more traction to make it around that corner.  We all remember that day with fondness and a few giggles because after a while, a whole bunch of neighbors came out and helped too and it felt like something really fun.   I didn't have to pull my children away from their phones or the computer.  It made it easy to get them out there.  No drama, no begging.  It made things easier.   Often times I wish we lived 100 years back and then my husband reminds me gently, about his life on the farm, without electricity, running water and how it wasn't always easy.  I tell him, I am not looking for easy, just uncomplicated.  

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