Monday, December 09, 2013

Soap Making Day

Last week I rendered 10 lbs of beef fat, and today I made soap with it.  I think I have been making good old fashioned lye soap for about 20 years now, so its not a big deal, except for the time.  Stirring the soap for 30 minutes after all the preparations to get to that point, makes it a time consuming project, especially while keeping the stove feed while the soup is cooking on top, which required a couple trips to the wood pile on the back porch.  Thankful that my dear husband keeps about half a cord on the back porch all winter, so no need for me to head out to the wood shed every day.   Its a good feeling having the soap made.  Smells good too.  Scented with orange oil and just a tiny tiny bit of cinnamon oil and clove oil.  They are hard on the sensitive skin if you use much.  Its been a nice day, lots accomplished and yet, I never had the feeling of being pressed for time.  Just the way I like my days !  

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aimee said...

I admire ladies who make soap the old fashioned way. I have made glycerin soap (melt and pour), but have been a bit hesitant to try the other because of the lye involved.
Glad your daughter Melanie is better!
Advent Blessings,

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