Need Emergency Prayer

We have an emergency prayer need, our daughter Melanie is a type 1 diabetic, has been for 23 years. She is very sick tonight with some kind of flu or food poisoning. She is very dehydrated and really needs to go the hospital. Her blood sugars are all over the place and she cannot keep any food down. The roads are skating rinks, not safe at all. We need prayer that she starts to feel better and can keep some food or even water down. If the ambulance comes, then someone from home would have to go pick her up later. We need a miracle right now. Please pray


Irenbjor said…
I will pray , however she should go to get help at hospital for IV and someone needs to stay with her there over night , you can ask for a sofa or cot ..I am sick too with some kind of bug cant keep food down its like a bad cold or something..
Nan said…
Just said one. I know how scared you must be.
Poor Melanie, and all of you. I am praying.
Loretta Parker said…
Just sent a prayer up for Melanie and family. Diabetes is a very cruel disease, my husband and I both suffer from it. God bless and may better days be ahead.
Penelope P. said…
I have only read this just now, but I pray that all was well and that you are all recovering from the worry. If this is not the case I ask God to give you strength and courage and all his blessings. Much love Penny L xxxxx
Patty said…
thank you all for the prayers. They were answered. She is doing much better and was improving as soon as the prayer request went out.
Nan said…
So very relieved to hear this.

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