Saturday, September 07, 2013

One More Day...

I took a photo of the treadmills, elliptical and stationary bikes, but I guess I was walking too fast and it blurred but they are lined up in fine rows, ready for takers.   This is a big part of my life these days, has been for a long time actually, years.  I LOVE to work out, love to swim, love the feeling of working muscles.  However, I do like sitting back in the Sauna after every workout and sweating out all those toxins that bombard us by environment and even in the food from the best diets these days.  Tomorrow I can head back to the gym.  Back to my jogging 50 laps in the pool, back to the treadmill and although I strongly dislike the elliptical machine, I will give it another try since its supposed to help my knee.  When the weather gets cool once again, I will head out for long walks each morning, camera around my neck, capturing the world around me and being thankful for the beauty of nature and how it has always inspired me.  Osteoarthritis is just a bump in the road, that doesn't seem that big of a deal right now, especially since I have no pain after that shot.  Glad to be heading back to the things I enjoy and planning that big hiking trip with Emery.   Life is good, it really is.
No one was at the gym, when I took the pictures last week, because I was there so early !

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