Monday, September 16, 2013

Maybe Its the Time Of Year, Or, Maybe Its,,,,,

The Summer heat of Texas is draining, by September you start to feel stir crazy, just wanting to get outside, walk around and not sweat, not feel the grass beneath your feet crunch like rice crispy cereal. You want to feel that invigorating feeling of cool air, and wear a cozy sweater.
But, every year about this time I start a bit of introspection.   I feel the need to recommit to living simply, living meaningfully, living with purpose, a higher calling sort of purpose.  To shake off all those trite little sayings that people have attached to life in the past year.  Those hundreds of Facebook quotes we get, that sound good, but we just click "like" and it ends there, trite. Meaningless, no, not meaningless, but more like things that never get past our frontal lobe.  We say, "ahhh, yes" and then forget to practice those good ideals.  So, this time of the year, I sit a stillness.  Thinking about getting rid of the trite stuff and find deeper meaning, fine tune what I believe. Recommit to the things that are profoundly important to me.   This year, its feels a bit like taking my first step.   This morning I thought how wonderful it would be to forget all the excess stuff I have ever heard in life and just go with what feels like, seems like, the most basic, simple truth to life.  Forget all the theories, the science, all the man concepts and just go with the very few simple words of Jesus.  I like his words.  Imagine a world that did what he said ?  Live simply, give to everyone that asks, don't even ask if they deserve it, that wasn't part of it.  Love everyone.  Have no need to worry, have no need to impress others, have no need to acquire more than the most basic needs.  Have a kind word for everyone.  Don't worry about judging someone else.  Just don't do it.  Don't worry, have faith, the kind that can move mountains.   I like all that.  Its all so simple.  How did we make it so complicated ?  So un-simple.   So us and them ?  
At any rate, in the fall, I start to re-examine my beliefs, because in time, you collect stuff to you that doesn't serve you well.  Its almost like we are bathed in sticky glue that picks up everything as we go about our life.  Stuff we just don't need, stuff we didn't even see we picked up.  We are bombarded with junk, that clouds our thinking, our perceptions.    Changes our thinking sometimes for the better, mostly not.
This is my time of the year for what you might call "spiritual retreat" retreating from the noise into the quiet to examine and shed off the unnecessary.  Simplicity is calling once again to take a careful look and refine, refine, refine.

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