Friday, September 06, 2013

Fun With Yen at Dinosaur State Park

We had Yen for the weekend last week and had such fun with him, leaving early in the morning to avoid the horrid heat of this summer, we took off for our adventure.   Emery and I often hike this park, matter of fact its the very park we got lost in 2 years ago when we failed to take our map with us, and it was the same weekend, so a hot one.  This year we opted for not venturing very far at all.  Just to the river bed, which was as dry as a dino bone.  Yen was thrilled with the dinosaur models and discovering the dino tracks in the rock river bed.  But, even despite the early hour, we couldn't stay long as the temperature was just too high.  Yen was hot and so were we.  We had an early lunch in the woods in the shade but even that was hot.  For the ride home, Yen hopped in his sisters car seat and fell sound asleep before we had left the park.  He slept all the way home !  Memories for certain were made and perhaps we have helped to foster a love of hiking for him.  Being a grandparent is just so much fun !!!

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