Wednesday, April 17, 2013

View From The Kitchen Window

It seems to me that each stage of life affords its own very distinct and wonderful moments.  When newly wed, there is a kind of new love that goes far beyond description.  Each day so full of love that your heart feels like it might just explode.  Then came the time of raising our family, a calmer kind of full heart.  Moments of rocking a sleeping child, kissing their soft skin and feeling so full and complete.  Growing family time of life, so full of fun and excitement and pride, all built on the foundation of that newly wed love that for us has never gone from us.   Then there were the teen years and the young adult years of raising a family and the gratitude for working so hard when the children were little to ensure they turned into fine upstanding adults.  Now, grandchildren, another layer of love that makes you feel like you could explode from the amount of love you feel.  All the joy of little ones once again but this time without all the hard work.  Mixed in with this, is the time to once again, spend quiet moments laughing and sharing dreams with the man I love so much.  Time for tea on the porch together, no rush, time to do what we pretty much want to do, which thankfully for us is the same kind of things.  Stay home and build a paradise of flowers and beauty to look upon as we sip our tea in the afternoons or just watch the birds feed or sing to us.  We might even dance under the fairy lights to songs that speak perfectly for the mood.    Life is good, and I am so enjoying having the time to enjoy it.  All those years of simple living have laid the foundation for a time of peaceful pleasures.


Mary Ann said...

My husband has told me a hundred times since I retired in August that now is my time to sit back and relax and enjoy things that I rushed by in the last 40 years. How true your words are! How beautiful your pictures!

Bren said...

What are those purple beauties in the top picture???
Your words are soothing as always! I wish I lived closer to you. I would pay you to be my therapist! ;)

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