Friday, April 26, 2013

The Simple Life

My life never feels very complicated, we actually live with almost no drama, and we like it that way.  Things just seem to hum along quite nicely, with the occasional hiccup that gives you just enough contrast so you appreciate and are thankful for the peace you have.  Once in a while though, I do find myself swaying towards the techno world.  I am sure, that with encouragement, I could be a full blown geek, when it comes to computers etc.    I often have to just pull myself away from the computer and its amazing workings, and go dig in the dirt or make some bread. My children have been known to tease me from time to time about trying to get my attention when I am researching something on the computer or trying to fix one of the issues this non-living "friend" of mine displays a screen that bespeaks of a serious problem.   I am known to carry my iPhone with me to make a "trip" in the middle of the night and check my mail and my facebook.  When I feel that all this technology is taking over more of me than I think proper, its time to step back, sit by the fire and spin some wool, or go visit our friends at Homestead Heritage to be surrounded by the simple life.  Take some time to fall in love all over again with the deepest desire of my heart, to live simply.  To rekindle that love of doing things the old fashioned way.  To remind myself of the satisfaction that comes from making soap from start to finish, not in a crock pot or just melting someone elses soaps, but doing it the way my great great great grandmother would have.   Then it all comes back to me, those dreams of a 15 year old me, wanting to live in the woods, in a cabin, making quilts, growing a garden, foraging for berries, and then sitting in the evening by the fire, lamplight glowing, reading a good book while sitting in my rocking chair.  Those dreams are my reality most days, on the days I remember to move away from the computer that is.    Like most things in life, there is a mixing and blending of things, of moderation and balance.   If the balance was ever to be tipped in one direction, I would much prefer it be in the direction of the simple life...days spent in the garden, or by the wood stove, hands busy with some hand work or head bowed in prayer for wisdom, for thankfulness for the life I am able to live.  Thankful that my days are not rushed, or filled with stress.  Thankful that long ago we made decisions to go after our goals, even though it meant swimming against the tide at times.  Thankful I got to spend each and every day with my children, experiencing the joy of watching the children learn and grow in all areas of their life. 
With your children, there are no do overs.  If you miss a moment, you miss it.  If you miss an opportunity to sooth their wounds, you have missed it for good.  Our moments are fleeting, no repeats.  I love this simple life of mine.  Its perfect for me and for my husband.  We can sit together in the evening, quiet talk, some laughter, some planning, some sharing what we learned during the day and whats best, we can sit side by side and pray together.  The simple life, yes, its best for me.

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aimee said...

These photos were amazing and your words wise. Wishing you a peaceful weekend...

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