Monday, April 01, 2013

50 Favorite Things

Every once in a while I make a list of 50 favorite things...
Some items seem to stay on that list through time, other items change with the seasons or the mood.
Make a list for yourself and then remember to try to surround yourself with some of those things on a regular basis.  Its good for the soul !  My list order, does not reflect their importance, but rather, how they pop into my mind.
1. Family
2. Hugs and kisses
3. Roses
4. Lavender
5. Lace
6. Tea time
7. Friendships
8. Attending our church
9. Gardening
10.walking barefoot
12.receiving a letter in the mail
13.sleeping on a feather bed each night
14.Bird watching
17.ladies gloves history
19.pretty petit fours
20 French macaroons
21.Walking hand in hand with the love of my life
22.Dew on freshly mowed grass
23.hearing the words, "I love you Grammie"
24.being friends with my daughters
25.home made soap
26.Christmas time
27.hanging clothes
28.Ironed bed linens iPhone
30.when my husband brushes my hair
34.vegetables from the garden
35.The smell of fresh hay in the barn
36.The wood stove
37.wool socks in winter
38.spinning wool
40.The ocean
41.The color pink
42.Watching my crows at the feeder
43.Gathering eggs
45.A trip to Starbucks with friends
47.A good massage 
48.A picnic
49.Reading poetry
50.Spending time on the porch

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