Friday, March 01, 2013

The Journey Often Leads Us Back Home

For so long now, I have been on this journey to find where I fit in, spiritually speaking, which in turn seems to impact many if not all aspects of our life.  In a way, our spiritual path becomes almost a culture for many, and I don't mean that in any negative sense at all.
I have taken a deep look into the things I strongly believe in, the kind of things you fall towards in the face of extreme situations.  Then, I looked at the things I value, then the things I enjoy, deeply.  My life's goal, the one deep down, not influenced by circumstances, is to become a better person each and every day of my life, within the context of living a simple life.  The things I value most, Creation and all its wonder, along with my family. There have been times that I felt I no longer knew or understood God, or had any idea what He looked like in today's world.  But, never ever, did I fail to see that He loves us, just because His handiwork, speaks of His love for us in each and ever single aspect of how things all work so magnificently.  Sure there are things that seem very destructive within this world, ,like earthquakes, fires, floods etc, but one look into the miracle of birth, or in how our bodies work, shows that His love is beyond our comprehension.   Half of the reason my journey took place was that I wondered if I was missing something, if some other path was indeed a road that led to happiness greater than what I had understood, a path of deeper compassion for one another, less hypocrisy, that sort of thing.  A road that led to less fear, deeper love for one another.   I found out that the negative things we all experience in our spiritual life, are not any different in any other path.  These things are common in mankind, common when there is free choice, when there is greed and fear.  Its not the teachings that create these negatives, its humanity, and then how we take the teachings and use them for our own gain, to make us feel better than another, make us hurt another.  So, the journey for me seems to have taken me around the world.  Learning, discovering and finding out that the things that are important to me, were discovered long ago, early on this journey, and that in the deepest parts of me, the first truths I learned are the ones I treasure to this day, uncovered by the lesson that in this great big world, we are all very much alike. Wanting happiness, wanting peace, wanting love, wanting to be needed, wanting to have a purpose, wanting to feel that we belong to something beyond our own existence.  This week, I feel like I have come home, it is not comfortable yet, it feels a bit strange, like moving into a new home with all your old things, you want to make it look the same as the old home, but nothing is quite the same.  In time, it becomes Home !.  I kinda want things my way still, but in time, I will once again feel that good comfortable feeling that makes you feel like home is the best place on earth.
The journey had many kinds of paths for me to travel, some wide and easy, some bumpy and difficult, some took me nowhere, some took me to vistas that took my breath away.  And one, took me home.

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Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

There is always so much to think about in what you write, Patty. I think many people are on a journey, and you have come a long way to be once again at home. May all be well with you there.

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