Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Busy Time Of The Year

Garden work, time spent watching birds, playing with grandchildren, and helping take care of the children while my daughter recovers from the flu, has left me with very little time for the computer.  Thankful for a life that allows me to be flexible !  Living a simple life, one without a bunch of expectations and things to bog me down, has allowed me such freedom.  Living without always thinking about what I should be doing, should be owning, should be dressing like etc, gives me time to enjoy the present moment, to live mindfully each and every second, which gives time to be thankful for the very breath that enters my body and for the energy to do the things that bring me closer to living with peace in my heart at all times.  


Denise said...

Love the pictures!
Esp. the one of Kwan Yin..Mother of Compassion and Mercy! :)

hugs from a cold,windy and cloudy TN

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

How beautiful your world is!And how surprised I always am that your grandson looks so grown up!

Cathy said...

Hi Patty,
I just absolutely LOVE your blog. My husband and I both read it and love hearing about your simple life.

Would you please consider doing a post on the toys you keep around for your grandchildren? My husband and I just had our first grandchild and we want to keep the toys at our home very simple and was curiuos how you all handeled this?

Thank you so very much.

Cathy said...

Look at me Patty...sorry for the typos.

I meant *curious* and *handled*


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