Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Wow Moment

Emery and I just had the most AMAZING experience ever. I was on the porch drinking my coffee and Emery was on his way back from the chicken house when we heard two red shouldered hawk screeching like crazy. Then we saw them mate, not more than 100 ft from us. It was a National Geographic kind of moment for us. The wonder of nature !   A once in a life time experience. Now we hope they nest close to us.   When I uploaded the picture, I saw that there was a blue jay watching the whole event too.   I love living where we get to see so much of nature up close.  The female hawk has been around for a while now, perching in that tree every day. 


TinaJewel said...

That is so cool!!

aimee said...

Incredible! And I am thankful that you share so many of your bird photos on your blog :-)

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