Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunshine After A Rain

There is nothing quite like a stroll through the rose garden in the early morning sunshine after a rain the night before.  The contrasts of colour burst forth.  The soil, a deeper brown, the greens, more vibrant and the roses themselves, dipped in liquid sunshine.   One can disregard the wet hems around ones ankles and even forget to notice the drops of rain that may fall from tree branches from time to time as the wind stirs them, but one cannot forget the scent of the roses mixed in with the scent of the earth under foot.  
Not wanting to miss a minute of this glorious morning, where birds sing so happily, and the wet green grass sparkles as if heavens glitter was sprinkled generously over ever square inch of my viewing area, I had my breakfast on the porch.  Savoring more than just the tea and hot cross bun, but taking in all that is around me.  Last nights service at church spoke deeply to my heart.  The solemnity of it, the music, the prayers, the way the church lay in wait for a blessed hope of the Resurrection to be remembered on Sunday morning.  I wanted to soak in the feelings of last night and the beauty of this morning.  Moving through the morning with the sole purpose of feeling, seeing, breathing in the wonder of the world I live in.  


Simply Shelley said...

Beautiful morning here as well,after an overnight rain here too....blessings on your day friend.

Roses around the door... said...

Happy easter patty, best wishes jackie x

aimee said...

Beautiful roses Patty and even prettier after your rain!
I LOVE the colors in your new Easter dress and the interior of the church--so beautiful and yet, in a way, simple.

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