Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sa vie est belle

It is a wonderful life !  Certainly there are hardships that come along our way, but there is so much joy to be discovered each and every day in some aspect of life.   In this time of rejuvenation, I am enjoying the easy life.   Long leisurely breakfasts on the porch after Emery has headed off to the office.  I do feed him first though.   I am embarking on a total makeover of myself. Spending hours at our fitness center, swimming, working out, etc.  I have once again taken a deeper interest in what I wear, how my hair is done etc.  Big plans are swirling around here on some renovations and redecorating.  There are daily discussions on trips abroad, including in the next five years doing an extended stay in Paris, 3 months, or maybe even 6.
As we approach a time when retirement is not long in coming, we are finding that we are once again planning for fun adventures, as if we were in our 20's again.  No real responsibilities, not the same level of obligations as when we were raising our family.  The homestead life just does not call to us any longer.   Life comes in waves of stages, you can learn to enjoy the changes or fight them and in doing so, you end up going nowhere.  We are embracing with joy, the new freedom we have.  Sa vie est belle
This morning, joy in a breakfast of a toasted slice of French baton, spread with herbed goat cheese and topped with peeled fresh garden tomato.  A steaming cup of caramel macchiato and a bowl of fresh blackberries.  Soft music, a breeze blowing and joy in things like the table cloth blowing in the wind, a shadow, and the bubbles in the water.   A good book to read .Simple joy !


Carole said...

Well, if you do come to France, we certainly will have to arrange a meeting !
Lovely table. Enjoy your "me" time and the beautiful mornings.

Roses around the door... said...

what a lovely post, how exciting your plans sound. Have a lovely day, best wishes jackie x

Mrs. G said...

A vacation to anywhere seems to be only a dream to me. Can't imagine an extended one... much less abroad! LoL... I do, so hope, that you get to do all those things you dream of.

Lisa said...

Enjoyed today's post and the lovely photos! Dh and I took my mother and four younger children (12-17)to Hawaii in May. First trip in years. It was awesome and made us realize that we want to travel and see more places. We got rid of our goats last summer and haven't missed them a bit. We still have chickens but may reduce the size of our flock as we aren't using many eggs and feed prices are rising. Dh says he's ready for a townhouse IN TOWN, that he's tired of caring for 21 acres in the country. We are also making plans and looking forward to what is coming next as our younger children become adults and begin their own lives.

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