Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Gift From Paris, sunshine and breakfast and Cooper

This past weekend, Melissa and Cooper came up for a visit.  James had to work once again so could not make the trip up.  We celebrated Melissa's birthday a bit late, but we all enjoyed our special time together.  Melanie and Melissa got to spend a fun evening Saturday night, going to a concert together.  They haven't had an opportunity to do something together like that in years so it was extra special for them.   Saturday morning breakfast was a simple one, on the porch, enjoying the sunshine and the conversation.   Cooper, found his spot this past weekend, the back of the over-sized chair.  He slept the weekend away, such a sweet dog.
Friends went to Paris recently and brought me back some gifts.  One of which was the most wonderful box of chocolates from Ladurée.  What a treat !

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