Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Party Time

A wonderful family celebration for Melissa's 32nd birthday.  I made her favorite cake, the one she first asked for when she was 6.  White chocolate cake with raspberry, neo classic butter cream frosting.  I made French macarons too using the same raspberry frosting.  
The evening went by all too fast !  We enjoyed Caprese with heirloom tomatoes, Julia Child's wonderful recipe for Chicken salad, deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms and a few other goodies.  A cool meal for a very warm summer evening.    Nothing better to me then being surrounded by my family !


Echoes From the Hill said...

How nice that you could all celebrate together.
Great looking family.

Carole said...

Oh that cake, looks absolutely delicious ! I love the pic with Mei Ling and Elisabeth - even though you can't see their faces, you can guess that they must get along very well. And I like how Steven and Priscilla are matchy !

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