Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Pre-Surgery Tea Party for Mei-Ling

One week from today , Mei-Ling will be admitted into the hospital for her biggest surgery yet.  The entire family is feeling stressed over what is to come.  Its hard for anyone to imagine an almost 5 year old being on bed rest for a month.   We have all been thinking hard about what sort of activities we can get for her that can be done in bed.   We have been making her hospital gowns to wear at home, so it will be easier to care for her needs and making pretty pillowcases for her pillows, so her bed will be a more interesting place to be.  She was delighted to have a tea party with all her cousins yesterday, a pre-surgery get together.  She will be spending Easter in the hospital and her 5th birthday will come towards the end of her recovery.  This tea party helped take the edge off her dread of having another operation.   We all had great fun watching her be Princess for the day.   I will be posting an address this week for those of you that have asked about sending her a little something for her recovery or a card to cheer her, can do so.  


Mary Ann said...

What a beautiful group of young ladies. I'll remember to say a prayer for successful surgery and successful post-op.

Carole said...

I hope everything will be fine and I sure will pray for her and Melanie and Casi. Post op rest for one month will be a challenge, but she's such a good girl that I'm sure she'll put up with it. Good luck to her and big hugs. If you can send me the address on a private message on Facebook, I will send her a little something.

aimee said...

What a fantastic idea to have a tea party!
I'm sorry that you are feeling stress; I know I would too. I'll be praying for you all.

TJ said...

I'm praying for a successful surgery! I cannot believe she's 5 already!

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