Saturday, March 03, 2012

Morning Ramble

The grass, so vibrant a green, was heavy with dew this morning as I went out to do chores.  Emery was busy in the rose garden, weeding around the bushes.  The sky dotted with cotton ball clouds against the bluest of blues.  You can see the changing color of the trees, that have slept the winter through.  Tiny buds appearing first on the highest of branches, a golden green.  The changes are slight but they are there.  
A wee house wren flew off the rafters of the porch as I stepped out the back door, I suspect she was house hunting, looking for a place to build a nest.  Such sweet little birds.  I once rescued one that had flown down the chimney some how and found itself prisoner in the wood stove.  With a net, I safely rescued the little bird and set it free.  
There was a chill in the air this morning, the kind that makes your face cold and your nose drip.  Still time for a cozy fire to chase off the chill.   Along the south porch, pot after pot of lavender wait to be planted this afternoon, along with  2 pots of fairy roses and three pink climbing rose bushes.  There are pink geraniums and some ground cover that has tiny pink flowers, whose name escapes me.  There are pots of thyme and oregano too.   Hollyhock seeds and plants, newly planted, promises of color. 
We can fill our life with color and joy or sit lazy on the sofa, watching television, living inside.  Its our choice most of the time.   Life is what you make it and I choose to make mine filled with beauty and lots of time for walks and of course, time for tea out on the porch, listening to the birds and grasping the awe of nature.


Maria said...

There is nothing more beautiful that watching the birds around your lovely yard.

Enjoy it! :)


aimee said...

Your photo of the sky and "cotton ball" clouds is amazing! I truly love it!
Our garden is changing too. Soon I should be able to plant in the raised beds and wine barrels.
PS: Neat story about the bird rescue!

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