Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Beauty of Creation

Our Rose Gardens are full of color right now and the tiny Peggy Martin roses we just planted are loaded with fragrant little roses.  These bushes promise to take over the entire south fence line in just a few years.  As I wandered around the rose gardens, the air, heavy with humidity and the grass sparkling with dew, making it perfect for the roses to scent this heavy air with their wonderful fragrances.  Honey Locust blossoms dripping off the branches of this scrawny tree that has thorns that made Native Americans refer to the tree as "devil trees", yet their blooms scented with the sweetness of Heaven.   Peace filled my heart as I strolled from bush to bush, cutting the choicest blooms, nipping off the thorns, amazed at the intricacy's of each petal, and captivated by the perfume of each rose.  God has granted us such beauty to behold and fill our hearts with joy even when our hearts are heavy with concern.

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