Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Child In Me

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year.  It wakens that inner child in me.  There is excitement as we head out to get the tree and decorate it.  On the first day the tree is decorated, we light the candles that sit on the branches in their sparkling silver holders.   The house is filled with the scent of pine and spices from the garlands of apples tossed in cinnamon and from the oranges, poked with cloves.    
The chill in the air invigorates me and has me going at top speed as I work on all the presents for Christmas.  We never have bought into the materialistic side of Christmas, but have always kept it simple.  Never spending large amounts for a gift or supplies to make a gift.  This year I have opted to make almost every gift we give.  I like the idea that the entire time I work on the gift, I can think and pray for the person I am making it for.  Perhaps that "Little House on The Prairie" episode where everyone was so busy making gifts for Christmas had a big impact on me.  Maybe, I am just old fashioned.  
The holidays should not be about spending more than we can afford, or even for feeding into all the "wants" of our children and grandchildren.  Its about so much more and that seems to be getting lost in the black Fridays, the cyber Mondays etc.   Keeping it simple, keeps us far less stressed.


Angela said...

Lovely! Angela

Suzanne said...

What a lovely and truthful post! I, too, am so done with all the ads for cyber this, black that, etc. I wish folks would return to a simpler way of celebrating. But if not, then each of us ones on the fringe will just have to keep that mindset alive, won't we, Patty:-)

Debby Riddle said...

Sweet and inspiring.

aimee said...

Thank you.
Blessings, Aimee

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