Sunday, December 06, 2015

Saint Nicholas Day

Despite the fact that we no longer have children at home, we still put out wooden shoes on St Nicholas eve, hoping to find treats in them in the morning, provided we were good all year long !   We decided to each use one of Emery's wooden shoes, after all they are pretty big !   I must admit to looking through old photos and finding one of all the children's wooden shoes lined up waiting to be filled and feeling a bit sad that those days are gone, as if they didn't last long enough for us.  Time passes by so quickly.    How grateful I am for the grandblessings to daily remind us of the joy and preciousness of childhood.
We have so many friends that have gotten older and no longer enjoy the holidays, no longer decorate or care to remember the delight in picking out that special gift or seeing packages under the tree, even if they are just for one and you had to buy them yourself.  We all deserve to have fun and experience delight and the simple joy of looking at a decorated tree.  I still love finding a stocking filled with goodies on Christmas morning, even if I did purchase half of what is in there LOL.   Just because we have aged, and felt loss or pain, there is still plenty of reasons in life to have fun and keep awake those feelings we had as children during the Christmas season.  Treat yourself with love and never loose that sense of joy and delight that comes from making your holiday bright.  

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Rowan said...

You are so right about this, my children too are all grown up and three of my five grandchildren live too far away to see them often but our tree is up and the outside lights are there and there will be presents under the tree. I've always loved the winter solstice holiday and still enjoy all the preparations as much as I ever did.

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