Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Morning

Oh how quickly December is passing.  There are still more gifts to be made, time enough though to do them and baking to be done and still a bit more decorating.  I seem to decorate our bedroom last, every year.  I suppose thinking, that if it doesn't get done, not too many folks will know.   There are still flowers blooming in the garden.  We have never had Angel Trumpets in bloom this late in the year but we certainly are enjoying them.   The mistletoe in the tree tops are full of berries this year.  We will cut a few and hang them for kissing in the doorway.   How I love the dark mornings, I really do.  I light the candles and enjoy a hearty
breakfast, watching the sky lighten and the sun rise as we talk of the days plans.  We linger with that second cup of tea, enjoying the moment far too much to rush from the table.   The simple life is not a rushed life, even if the "to do" list is long.  There are no trips to the mall, or mad dashes to stores.  Our Christmas lists are filled with old fashioned planning.  Come to think of it, its been years since I have been shopping at a mall, I suspect the term, decade would suit just fine.   I never did buy into this massive Christmas shopping idea anyway.  A few well chosen gifts, that don't cost an arm and a leg is how we do it.  Never could imagine going into debt for gift giving and I sure would hate to think that someone went into debt getting me something.  Expensive gift giving for some folks is little more than a "look at me" type of thing. I said, some folks, not all.  In the olden days, it was a simple gift that meant the most.  But through time, we seem to have bought into the marketing schemes, hook, line and sinker and forgotten about being moderate when it comes to gift giving.   I look back on old family photos and wonder how things have changed so much.
Christmas, @ 1944 for a large family


WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

Your table, all set for your meal, is beautiful!! You could easily win a ribbon at the county fair!!!

Morning's Minion said...

I made most of our gifts for many years--some of them quite ambitious. A lot of our gift-giving was practical--we lived then where winters were long and cold and I liked ordering warm clothing from Eddie Bauer or Cabelas during the more affluent years.
For the most part, Christmas has been about gathering with family and friends--good meals, special desserts.
For nearly 2 decades we have lived where a real 'mall' was several hours drive away--we don't miss them!

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