Prayer Needed For Mei-Ling

Yesterday, Mei-Ling was admitted into the Children's hospital with high ammonia levels once again.   She is one sick little girl.   As of yet, they have not discovered the cause of the high ammonia levels, many tests have been done and they are now waiting for the results of some testing done a couple weeks ago to see if its a metabolic problem.  We would so appreciate prayer for her.  She feels terrible and we are all worried for her, yet we rest in knowing God is in control and He is a loving God.


Debby Riddle said…
Praying, so sorry.
Rosemary said…
Praying for Mei-Ling and family
Michele Bilyeu said…
Sending much love, hope, and wisdom for the healers. She is such a wonderful young girl and anyone who ever reads her knows of the great love you have for all of your grandchildren. We pray for healing and understanding that the healers will determine the source of this challenge.
Lucy said…
We are praying for her. Poor little girl,she is going through so much.
Janette said…
I am so sorry she is ill again. I will keep her in my Christmas prayers.
Cathy said…
Offering prayers up for Mei-ling
My prayers are with Mei-Ling

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