Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Edgar, The Watch Crow

This is a picture of Edgar, our resident, friendly and somewhat tame Crow.   We have fed him for several years and he has a couple of buddies that come daily with him to the Crow feeder, we named them, Allen and Poe.   Edgar is huge by Crow standards.  He likes his food and comes in three times a day, breakfast is about 8 am, lunch at 12 and supper at 5.  You could set a watch by him.  He hops around with the ducks, has been know to take a cooling bath in the ducks pool on a hot summer day.  Hangs out with the chickens at times and provides us with hours of entertainment.  Not once has he ever touched our garden or fruit trees.   He likes what we feed him and is content with that.  Yesterday, Edgar gained immense respect from us.  Emery was in the kitchen and heard a real ruckus from the chickens in the yard.  He looked out to see two Red Tailed Hawks going after the chickens.  The female hawk was probably the largest Red Tailed we had ever seen.  She was sitting on the roof of Emery's work shop, maybe 25 ft from our back door.  On the cottonwood tree, was the smaller male hawk, ready to help in the kill, that is until Edgar, Allen and Poe arrived.  Edgar swooped in to attack the female hawk. Allen and Poe went after the smaller male. The crows were great at chasing off the Hawks and keeping the chickens safe.  No I know the crows were no doubt just protecting their territory but it worked out for us as well.  Today, Edgar got a special treat for keeping all our chickens safe.   Love my crows !


Melanie said...

Your little murder of crows love to stop by here and eat whatever outside food Einstein didn't eat ♡♡♡

Christine said...

We have three crows, too. I have given them names, Heckle, Jeckle and Hyde.
They have their own bird bath to wash their food.
Around here there is plenty of food so we don't have to feed them, just give them water.

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