Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Morning

A gray winter sky, cold and damp air reminds me of a wool fleece fly high in the sky.   Woolly clouds that beg to be carded and spun into magical yarn.   The smell of wood smoke filling the land with a homey kind of scent.  Chores take a bit longer this morning, my eyes cast upward, watching the clouds zoom by, changing by the second.  I smile thinking about the phrase, "head in the clouds" because that's where mine is today.  Dreamy kind of morning.  The cold, fresh air feels to incredibly good filling my lungs.  I breathe deeply, inhaling extra long.  The critters act as if they understand.  I hear the sounds of the chain saw being started and know, its the morning for wood cutting at our house.  Logs needing to be shortened and later split.  Its good working outside.  Mistletoe above me, loaded with berries.  Seems like there is more of it around this year.   A few red leaves cling to the Red Oak tree, a pretty contrast to the gray sky.  Nature is the perfect decorator.   Smiling to myself I think of how right at this moment my dinning room table has a white and gray table cloth, with a touch of red to it.  Same colors as the view from where I stand.  
If we look around, take the time to really see things in nature, we become filled with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the perfection of color blending, for the perfection of shapes and sounds.  Life is good.

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Diana said...

Sooooo.... how is Mei-ling? After your last post for prayer, I have been watching and hoping for an update. I hope all is well with her now.
Diana in illinois

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