Prayers Please

Our daughter Melanie was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She is very sick, fever, vomiting, rapid heart rate, and she was having trouble breathing.  As of tonight, they have no idea what is causing her to be so sick.  Would appreciate prayer for her and for the doctors so that our girl can be feeling good again.   Her little ones are missing her so much. And, its so hard to see her so sick.  


QuiltingFitzy said…
Thoughts always. Please keep us updated. ((hugs))
Cathy said…
Offering up prayers for answer to whatever is causing her to be so sick. Please keep us posted.
Kelly Mclean said…
Praying for Melanie and family!
Mrs. G said…
Praying for Melanie and family. I am also praying for you and your husband. A parent never ceases to worry.

Grace and Peace
Christine said…
Oh my, yes, you have my prayers right now.
Please keep us informed on how you and she is doing.
sheila said…
Good thoughts and prayers to Melanie, Patty, and to you and the little ones too.

Diana said…
So happy you are posting on your blog again. There are many of us to prefer not to be on Facebook and miss your posts here.
Thanks for remembering us!

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