Monday, November 17, 2014

First Snow

Snow flurries in North Texas always creates a big stir.  Snow flurries in November creates big news.  It was only a dusting for us but still, it was exciting. My old New England sensibilities, make me chuckle a bit, thinking about folks getting excited about some snow flurries that just sprinkle the ground like powdered sugar.  Granted, it was cold this morning and I did enjoy seeing the white stuff around but inside I am thinking about the blizzards I have been through and wind chills to -50 F.   We had a low of 23 F this morning with a wind chill of 13 and it felt plenty cold getting out of bed.   Getting the fire going in the stove was the first order of business.  Two pieces of newspaper and two pine cones to get it going quick.  I didn't want to have to baby those flames along.   Emery was busy hauling out hot water for the critters to drink.  They were all very appreciative.   As soon as the fire was holding its own, I was out in the kitchen stirring oatmeal and making coffee.  At the breakfast table, we had a bit of a laugh.  Our layers of clothes, nothing really matching, made us look like a couple of hobos.  We were warm and content, not the least bit concerned about fashion.  There is a great deal a freedom in that.  Not concerned with style just comfort.  Well, I do draw the line with the new mindset that allows you to shop in your pajama's.  That's just wrong to me.  Not wanting to crawl into bed in pants whose cuffs have mopped the floor of a store !  And, even I think that look is tacky.  We see it all too often at our Wal-Mart.   Just isn't proper.  
We have been burning through the wood this morning at a high rate, but its warming up outside and the house is toasty warm now.  Bread in the oven and the canner is bubbling up great puffs of steam as the man jars of green tomato jelly gets their bath.   Life is good.  God is good.  


Kathy said...

Dear Patty, I enjoy reading your blog posts! We are still getting used to using our new woodstove exclusively this year. We are in the California foothills of the Sierra's and it's not been too cold yet. We were just below 40 degrees F this morning, I believe. We are trying to find the best method of starting the fire, and then keeping it from over-heating the house, which we've learned is easy to do in our zeal to keep the beautiful fire going- sometimes too much! Thanks for sharing your life and ideas! Blessings, Kathy

Christine said...

You have "painted" a cozy picture of life in your part of the world.
I can almost smell the warm bread, baking and hear the crackle of those pine cones burning.

Roses around the door... said...

Dear Patty i always think of you when we get our first snow fall, it was that time of year that I first found your blog nearly four years ago!! This morning I made my first amish recipe for plum bread, actually the recipe was for rhubarb but I have a lot of plums in our freezer from our plum tree, I have had a small taste and feel pleased with myself :) Best wishes

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