Sunday, November 09, 2014

An Ordinary Day, Or Is It ?

For me, ordinary days are not always so ordinary.  To be honest I am not even sure I know what an ordinary day would look like.  There are just too many variables in my life to have much of a routine.  But there is a theme through each day, and perhaps that is where I can claim some connection to the word "ordinary"    Well, after I wrote that, I shook my head and thought aloud, "no, it seems to me that each and every day is honestly "extraordinary". 
Just waking up, makes each day so much more than ordinary.   Seeing the blue sky with clouds that look like wool stuck to a fence makes the day special.  Hearing my grandson tell me, "Grammie, you have a good "program" going here, you can watch birds right from the porch" or seeing jars of bright red candy jelly, sparkle in the sunlight as I remove them from their hot bath. Its just the simple things, things that money doesn't buy that make each day extraordinary.  Rocking a little one to sleep.  Holding hands with the one you love.  Hearing a bird sing.  To sit in silence, with time to talk to God.  So many things we often take for granted are the very things that make our day, something more than ordinary. 


Echoes From the Hill said...

You give a good reminder to your readers, that every day is special.
That you can find joy in the ordinary and contentment is what you can choose. Thanks!

Morning's Minion said...

Even on a day of dull weather or a day of personal cares and worries, there are beautiful and inspiring things to notice--too many of which we might take for granted.
I went to your FB page hoping to see an update on Melanie's health crisis, but can view only the most general postings.
I hope that she is improving.
[Sharon Whitehurst]

Christine said...

I agree, there are no ordinary days.
Everyday is a gift!

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