Monday, August 18, 2014

Reach for the quiet moments...

It has become a goal of mine to wake each morning with the idea of reaching for the quiet moments in life, the ones that stir something deep within our soul.  The things that money does not buy, but the things that nurture love and compassion in us.   Taking that first morning stroll around our land, prayer on my lips for those I love, or those I know of with needs.   To look up, view the clouds and see the divine beauty in them.  Acknowledge that the beauty of nature is a gift to us, a sign of deep love for us.   The world we are living in, is one of endless sounds of inventions.  Our peace of mind is precious.   Seeking out the quiet moments, lets us take in a deep breath and hear our own heartbeat.  It gives us time to reflect, to soak in the good in our lives and to see clearly the things we need to change.    


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