Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Fun Week

Turning 60 seems to be painful for some people, as I hear a lot of complaints about aging, but for me, turning 60 yesterday was nothing less than marvelous.  I had a full week of celebration.  The girls had done lots of planning in secret and surprised me with a camping trip with the entire family.   Melissa and her family arrived last Friday night, completely surprising me and then gave me a gift bag with the big surprise all spelled out in lovely art work by Melanie.  The girls had reserved cabins at the state park for the weekend and had the food all planned and all I had to do was enjoy being with my family, doing the thing I love most, camping.  Steven brought Pizza on Saturday for all of us.  We had so much fun making s'mores, laughing, playing with the children, holding Axel and enjoying the peace and serenity of nature.  Sunday, after we came home, they had cake and ice cream for me.  It was wonderful and then there were surprises the entire week after that.  When my official birthday arrived yesterday, I was so blessed to be able to do more of my favorite things and embrace turning 60 with great joy.  How blessed I feel, to have a life so full of love.  


aimee said...

Happy 60th Patty! What GREAT birthday gifts from those you love (and who love you)! May this year bring you many more spiritual blessings from God.

Mrs. G said...

Happy Birthday, Patty! It looks like you were very blessed, indeed!

Grace & Peace.

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