A New Chapter

Its official !  We are entering into a new chapter of our life.  Emery is retiring !  This dear man of mine has worked so hard all his life, as a child growing up on a wheat farm, then being a very dedicated husband and father, working many long hours to provide for us.  Now, its his time to relax a bit, and enjoy the fruits of his labors.   We are so looking forward to sharing more time together.  We have lots of plans, simple things though.  Camping, hiking, finishing some projects on the house and of course, continuing to maintain our simple life.    We are so looking forward to this big change.   God has been so good to us and we are so very thankful for our health and vitality, which will make this new phase of life so much fun. 


Mrs. G said…
Congratulations to your hubby! I am so happy for you, Patty! I know you are over the moon! I can't wait until mine retires.

Grace & Peace.
aimee said…
Wishing Emery and you a blessed new chapter! Enjoy:)

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