Tuesday, August 27, 2013


There are moments in my life that take my breath away.  Simple things mostly, not a fancy gift or expensive diamond.  The way the rain drops hang off a flower or a branch of a tree.   The way the clouds float by far above me.   Or how the sun peaks out from gray clouds after a rain.  I find myself taken aback by the beauty of blooms drying in the sun, or seeing my grandchild, plant feathers in a tree stump and call it her "Indian Tree" and hopes by some miracle that it grows.  This morning, while in bed, in the light sleep of morning,  just such a breathless moment occurred.  My darling husband, tiptoed to my side of the bed, he had been up for some time I am sure since he is a very early riser, and he ever so gently pulled the covers up over my shoulders and kissed me so tenderly on my head.  Each move he made was full of loving tenderness that you could feel...tangible.   I woke enough to experience this deep, profound, loving moment.  Tenderness.    I feel so blessed to be surrounded by the deepest form of beauty known to mankind.

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aimee said...

Yes! Could not agree with you more! Beautiful photos--especially the flower (hibiscus?) with the raindrops.

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