Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Slow Down Sort Of Day.

There are days when its just right to spend the hours watching the clouds float by or gaze at cattle resting under the oak trees, or even just watching cotton grow in the fields.  I think there is merit to watching the tall prairie grass bend in the afternoon breeze.  Yesterday, was just such a day.  A slow day, an easy sort of day when you find true value in the simple things of life.  The very things that seem to just be, without any of our doing.  I am very happy to spend a day here and there in total simplicity.  Thinking the day away.  Recommitting to a life of taking time to smell the roses, to enjoy the sound of the wind in the trees.  Taking time to be thankful for good food to eat, for the joy of strolling along a trail, hearing only the sounds of nature around me.  Thankful for love, for aging and the wisdom that comes with this aging, slowly seeping into my actions and reactions. Understanding clearly that we all are products of so many influences in our lives.  The choices we make due to what we have experienced, what we have been taught, both good and bad.   Life is wonderful.  It is full of profound beauty.   

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Roses around the door... said...

Beautiful words, wishing you a lovely weekend. best wishes x

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