Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Saturday Morning

A lazy summer morning.  Breakfast on the porch, enjoying the lower humidity.   Music playing beside me, a gentle breeze stirring the curtains.  Birds coming and going as if to make a short visit with me to just say hello.  Blue Jays, Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, Black Throated Hummingbirds, Yellow Bellied Woodpeckers, of course my Crows come for their breakfast and hop around rather humorously following the ducks. Mockingbirds chase the Red Shouldered Hawk that comes by each day to rest in the Cottonwood tree for a bit.   Peaches to be picked, White Angel Trumpet flowers to enjoy for the short time they bloom.  Mullein blossoms to be picked and added to some olive oil as earache medicine.   Sunflowers bow to the ground as the heads dry to feed the birds. Banana tree grows by the hour, its growth astonishes us.  It is a simple morning, uncomplicated, allowing the freedom to enjoy all that surrounds me.  Life is good.

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