Monday, July 08, 2013

Monday Morning Ramble

Summer weather has arrived after a nice reprieve from the heat last week.   Angel Trumpet in bloom, sunflowers reaching way up into the sky.  Happy ducks and singing birds fill the morning with natures symphony.  In the evening, the music changes.  Cicadas sing along with the crickets, while frogs sing bass from  the creek bed near us.  Morning chores done before breakfast time, yet in the evening we wait until the last minute to get them done.   It seems as if this summer is flying by.  Time is racing along at break neck speed.  I would be happy if it would slow down just a bit.  Perhaps the rate of speed is in relation to age.  


Jan said...

Don't I know it. It seems the older you get the faster time moves. At 70 I will tell you it moves even faster. But hang on its a great ride!

Patty Sumner said...

I agree the older I get time goes by...The sccripture holds true, "life is like a fleeting vapor"....Beuatiful flowers...and lovely post. Blessings!

aimee said...

I think so too-when I was a child summer days seemed to go on and on; now it seems like each season flies by--well except for possibly winter.
Loved the close ups of the sunflowers--how beautifully God designed them!
PS: Good to see Mei-Ling helping and enjoying tea time:)

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