Monday, April 30, 2012

Critical Condition

I just have a second, but am asking for prayer for Mei-Ling.  She is in ICU at Childrens hospital in Critical condition.   They are unsure of the cause of all that is going on.  She has been having seizures and her blood work is crazy.  Tests are being done for just about everything you can imagine.  The situation is so serious.  
Please pray the Doctors can find the cause and that they can begin to treat whatever is going on. Please ask everyone you know to pray.  Her hangs in the balance.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning

The wind was crazy this morning, but at the same time, beautiful.  It whipped around the trees as if in deliberate emotional paint strokes, swirling here and there with invisible paint.  First the low branches would dance, then one tree, skip its neighbor and move on.  I watched in amazement.   My new crow friend, that I have named Edgar, came for his morning breakfast but I was busy eating my own on the porch so he would have to wait.  I put out food just for him in a shiny silver bowl, and my does he enjoy it.  Edgar grows more at ease each day he visits.  I suspect he is a young male, with no family of his own since he never seems to call out to another crow regarding his find of food.  I have raised a crow and love them dearly. So smart !  While Edgar waited on me in a nearby branch, he spotted a young squirrel and decided to have some fun.  He would swoop down, give an attempt to peck the squirrel ever so lightly, miss of course and then the squirrel would jump, much in the form of a Pronghorn, leaping across the yard while Edgar had his fun.  No one was hurt in any way, but it seemed far more enjoyable to Edgar than it did to the squirrel.  My food done, I went in to get Edgar's cheap dog food, low in iron and therefore OK for Edgar.
I put his bowl on top of a Rubbermaid container so the ducks would not get at it, but Edgar didn't much like being perched on the container, so he pushed and pushed the silver dish, until it fell to the ground, where he happily ate the food from the grass.   The morning was a delight in so many ways.  Life is good.

A breakfast of 10 grain hot cereal, carrot juice, mission figs and almonds and some chamomile tea.  Incense burning and music playing.  A fine book to read and nature to watch for entertainment

The Birthday Girl

A very Happy Birthday Girl !  She is feeling better and even had another tube removed yesterday !
Happy 5th Birthday Mei-Ling 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Changing Lifescape

~Like water eroding stone, idle contemplation erodes tensions~
Veronique Vienne, from " The Art of Doing Nothing"

As the years accumulate for me, there are changes in my "Lifescape" .   I am not one to swim upstream for no real reason.  Its exhausting and so often fruitless.   It often is just so much better to rest on banks and contemplate the hows and whys of change.  Embrace it, and fly with it.   Our lifestyle is changing from one of country homestead, to a gentler, easier life of country charm.   We have our vegetable garden, and what once a pasture, now sports rows of corn, potatoes, leaks and the like.  The other garden spot is now under consideration for a nice green croquet court.  The house is taking on a different look too, a more sophisticated look, that seems to suit our ever growing enjoyment of afternoon tea, gatherings of friends and meal times that linger for hours.   The pleasure of gazing on fine art, and smelling the roses I lovingly grow in the formal rose garden Emery made for me.   We are slower than we are 15 years ago.  It happens.  Its normal.  Its natural, its good in so many ways as we are living more simply than ever before.  Just differently than during the years we had children home, that we needed to keep busy and teach.   Life then was all about the work it took to run a home with 6 people, live on one income, and homeschool.   Life now is slower, living with the rewards of our hard work.  I like it.  We still work harder than most of our friends in some ways, but it seems like easy going kind of work.  8 hours of gardening on Sundays, side by side, stopping to listen to the birds or watching the clouds go by.  Laughing, enjoying each others company.  It feels a bit like dancing to natures music, cheek to cheek by some unseen connection that comes from being madly in love for over 3 decades.    Life is abundant and so full of good things and the best of all, every single corner of my world is filled with love.  

Photos of my morning breakfast, on the porch...gentle time of "idle contemplation"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Morning Joys

Breakfast on the porch with Emery, cherry Clafoutis hot from the oven.  Cappuchino for me and a bowl of 10 grain cereal for Emery.   We watched the morning clouds race across the sky, with the sun playing peek a boo.   Two baby Downy Woodpeckers practiced climbing up and down the black walnut tree and trying to do some pecking at the tree trunk.   Easy conversation.  Silent moments, never awkward because after all these years we can practically  read each others minds.  Cardinals and Blue Jays squawking at one another.   A flock of Cow Birds take up residence in the dead part of the old Cotton wood tree.    More work done in the garden before breakfast.  A sense of satisfaction that the day has started out so right.  Life is good.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Start of My Day

Blue sky, crisp morning air, French music, accompanied by bird song.  The scents of a single red rose, mixed with lavender, and rosemary greeting my nose.  Coffee and toast.  Tranquility...time for my thoughts.   Gratitude for having time to enjoy life and for our sweet grand-daughters continued improvement.  A deep appreciation for so many things in my life.  Family, friends, land to grow gardens, natures beauty and of course reading.  
Simple things.  Now, admittedly, I love pretty things, like fine china, silver for the table, linens that have details in them leave you in awe of their creator.  I love good music, good literature and pretty stationary.   I love roses and lace and the laughter of children playing.    Each morning, I try to make time, usually takes just a few minutes, to surround myself with pretty things after Emery has gone off to work.  It sets the tone for the entire day, as if every morning I got out of the right side of the bed.  As if every morning I affirm that I am worth a bit of the extra effort it takes to settle into a few moments of serenity.  Life is good.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simple Living

I am reminding myself this morning that....
Simple living is not about doing without, its more about doing with...doing with what you need and not chasing after all the things you want. It's about doing things with the rhythm of nature, working with the cycles of the garden, of the animals and their time to give wool or milk. It's about taking time to think, to see, to enjoy the things that have nothing to do with the cost of something. It's about making things and learning to enjoy family time more than running around chasing after things. It's all about finding out what will really matter in the end. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simplicity Feeds My Soul

Mei-Ling is now on the road to recovery, a relief to us, more than words can express.  Yen is happily enjoying being at home with his mommy, daddy and big sister and I had time alone this morning after Emery went to work to just sit and give thanks for the wonder of prayer, for the ability God has given our bodies to repair themselves and for the personal strength to do all that I am called upon to do each and every day.   I sat on the back porch in the sunshine.  No fancy table scape, just the things in front of me that mattered at that moment.  A little play pail left on the table by a sweet two year old,  onions picked and drying in the sunshine. A cup of coffee, and a well worn, well loved Bible, underlined with notations made through the years.  I have a new Bible just like this one, purple leather binding etc, but the old worn out one, missing its spine binding, is a part of me, a dear and treasured friend that I just cannot part with, regardless of its frail condition.   I sat on the porch, listening to the birds, watching the hundreds of butterflies that have taken up residence in our yard right now and feeling so close to God that the gentle morning breeze felt like his breath on the top of my head.  I remember being a little girl and having fallen down and my father picked me up, held me in his lap, his head bent, kissing me on my head, his breath felt, even and steady and somehow in that moment, I knew my daddy would not let anything bad ever come my way if he could help it.  The breeze this morning felt like Gods breath on my head, in the very same way my daddy's did, so many years ago.  
The peace and simplicity of this morning has fed my weary soul.  It has nourished me and given me an inner calmness that I needed.   At times I get carried away with dreams of having this or that in my home or in my life, a thing, an object.  But on days like today, I know for certain what I have known deep down for many years.  It is the simplicity of life that gives us what we truly need.  Time to enjoy the things that matter.  Time to sit and soak in the beauty that lies around us.  Time to hear that small still voice that strengthens us.  Time to rest our mind from the busy-ness of modern life.    Today, I can say with all honesty, "it is well with my soul."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Second Hand Finds

Today I indulged in a bit of Second Hand Store Shopping....a silver fork, spoon, first tooth and first curl set at Goodwill and at a store that handles estate sales, a lovely Royal Albert tea cup and some darling hand made baby tops to hang in the blue and yellow guest room.  The embroidery is so fine and the tiny button holes made by hand.  

La Belle Vie

Even amid the busy-ness of life right now, I made time to surround myself with things that remind me that I am indeed living "La Belle Vie".  It might take 1/2 hour or so to set the table on the porch for tea in such a way as to create a mood for soaking in just how beautiful my life is and how blessed I am to have the time to enjoy my surroundings, that half hour of preparations is so worth it.  Good books to leaf through, music softly sifting out the window from the house.  Butterflies dotting the sky with color.  The flowers in the gardens, scenting the air with their delicate perfume.   Earl Grey tea, shortbread cookies, bare feet, comfortable tee shirt and time all for myself.  
La Belle Vie !
“If only there could be an invention that bottled up a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again.” 
― Daphne du MaurierRebecca

The Busy-ness of Life

As you can guess, life has been pretty busy around here.  We have been keeping Yen with us, while Mei-Ling recovers at home.  He just loves his sister so much, that he wants to run and give her hugs all the time, which is not such a good thing right now with her having tubes sticking out of her incisions.    Yesterday, Mei went for a Doctors visit and he was so pleased with how she is doing that after a few questions regarding if she had eaten yet that day, excused himself from the exam room and booked the O.R. right then and there for Mei to have two of her tubes removed as soon as they could do it, which ended up in about 1 hour.   She still has two drainage tubes in that will need to remain in for another couple of weeks.   Each day, we see more smiles from this strong little miracle.   Yen has been having fun at our house but yesterday he missed his mommy and daddy so much that they kept him over night.  Its a blessing to have them live so close by.  Yen will be back her today. Mei needs a lot of care right now and no one wants to see Yen get ignored, which  this Grammie and Grandpa are more than happy to make sure he doesn't.   
Mei-Ling has been loving all the cards and packages being sent to her.  It makes her long days a bit more bearable.  Thank you to all who have remembered her in such a kind way.

The weeds are growing in the garden by leaps and bounds but I find very little time to be out there working in the dirt.  I find myself playing dinosaurs and cars with a sweet little boy who is as good as gold.  The weeds can wait a few more days.  I do find time each morning before Emery goes to work, to spend some time in the rose garden.  It is balm for my soul and a good time to pray.  Naturally, I come in the house with a new bouquet of roses each morning.
Life is good.  Blessings abound.  Love fills each and every corner of my life.

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