Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Busy-ness of Life

As you can guess, life has been pretty busy around here.  We have been keeping Yen with us, while Mei-Ling recovers at home.  He just loves his sister so much, that he wants to run and give her hugs all the time, which is not such a good thing right now with her having tubes sticking out of her incisions.    Yesterday, Mei went for a Doctors visit and he was so pleased with how she is doing that after a few questions regarding if she had eaten yet that day, excused himself from the exam room and booked the O.R. right then and there for Mei to have two of her tubes removed as soon as they could do it, which ended up in about 1 hour.   She still has two drainage tubes in that will need to remain in for another couple of weeks.   Each day, we see more smiles from this strong little miracle.   Yen has been having fun at our house but yesterday he missed his mommy and daddy so much that they kept him over night.  Its a blessing to have them live so close by.  Yen will be back her today. Mei needs a lot of care right now and no one wants to see Yen get ignored, which  this Grammie and Grandpa are more than happy to make sure he doesn't.   
Mei-Ling has been loving all the cards and packages being sent to her.  It makes her long days a bit more bearable.  Thank you to all who have remembered her in such a kind way.

The weeds are growing in the garden by leaps and bounds but I find very little time to be out there working in the dirt.  I find myself playing dinosaurs and cars with a sweet little boy who is as good as gold.  The weeds can wait a few more days.  I do find time each morning before Emery goes to work, to spend some time in the rose garden.  It is balm for my soul and a good time to pray.  Naturally, I come in the house with a new bouquet of roses each morning.
Life is good.  Blessings abound.  Love fills each and every corner of my life.

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