Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning

The wind was crazy this morning, but at the same time, beautiful.  It whipped around the trees as if in deliberate emotional paint strokes, swirling here and there with invisible paint.  First the low branches would dance, then one tree, skip its neighbor and move on.  I watched in amazement.   My new crow friend, that I have named Edgar, came for his morning breakfast but I was busy eating my own on the porch so he would have to wait.  I put out food just for him in a shiny silver bowl, and my does he enjoy it.  Edgar grows more at ease each day he visits.  I suspect he is a young male, with no family of his own since he never seems to call out to another crow regarding his find of food.  I have raised a crow and love them dearly. So smart !  While Edgar waited on me in a nearby branch, he spotted a young squirrel and decided to have some fun.  He would swoop down, give an attempt to peck the squirrel ever so lightly, miss of course and then the squirrel would jump, much in the form of a Pronghorn, leaping across the yard while Edgar had his fun.  No one was hurt in any way, but it seemed far more enjoyable to Edgar than it did to the squirrel.  My food done, I went in to get Edgar's cheap dog food, low in iron and therefore OK for Edgar.
I put his bowl on top of a Rubbermaid container so the ducks would not get at it, but Edgar didn't much like being perched on the container, so he pushed and pushed the silver dish, until it fell to the ground, where he happily ate the food from the grass.   The morning was a delight in so many ways.  Life is good.

A breakfast of 10 grain hot cereal, carrot juice, mission figs and almonds and some chamomile tea.  Incense burning and music playing.  A fine book to read and nature to watch for entertainment

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