Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Start of My Day

Blue sky, crisp morning air, French music, accompanied by bird song.  The scents of a single red rose, mixed with lavender, and rosemary greeting my nose.  Coffee and toast.  Tranquility...time for my thoughts.   Gratitude for having time to enjoy life and for our sweet grand-daughters continued improvement.  A deep appreciation for so many things in my life.  Family, friends, land to grow gardens, natures beauty and of course reading.  
Simple things.  Now, admittedly, I love pretty things, like fine china, silver for the table, linens that have details in them leave you in awe of their creator.  I love good music, good literature and pretty stationary.   I love roses and lace and the laughter of children playing.    Each morning, I try to make time, usually takes just a few minutes, to surround myself with pretty things after Emery has gone off to work.  It sets the tone for the entire day, as if every morning I got out of the right side of the bed.  As if every morning I affirm that I am worth a bit of the extra effort it takes to settle into a few moments of serenity.  Life is good.


Rowan said...

I've been worried about Mei-Ling since you hadn't posted for a few days. So happy that she is getting better and presumably the procedure turned out to be straightforward. Do please give her an extra hug from me.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Glad to hear that Mei-Ling is improving.

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