Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quiet Morning

Knitting, Sunshine, morning coolness on the porch, coffee and a peace that is so real, I almost feel as if its able to be touched.   Music of  the album Elverhøy by Helene Bøksle seems to stir something unfamiliar deep inside of me as I knit.  An ancient sort of feeling.  It makes me long for a rest from technology and the demands put on us by living in such a complicated age. 
I am content today, to knit on a sweater for myself and watch the birds fly from tree to tree or soar high over my head.  


Roses around the door... said...

Sounds lovely, i was only thinking yesterday that you had not wrote a post in a while. lovely to read your blog again.
England weather feels like autumn, it's official here today, England has had the wettest summer in a hundred year's. Best wishes jackie x

bluetick said...

Sounds like a very peaceful way to spend a few hours....I may just do the same thing after supper. Sit on the porch with my knitting basket sounds lovely.

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