Friday, August 31, 2012

Joys In Simple Living

The smell of freshly brewed pumpkin spice coffee fills the kitchen, mixed in with the mornings breakfast cooking.  The last day of the month of August is here and somehow it feels as if we are sitting on the cusp of change.  September is still a hot month in our part of Texas, but we all know that summers heat is nearing its end once September arrives.  Recent rains have caused flowers to bloom once again and for grass to green up.  Such a welcome change.   The hens have ended their strike of no egg laying, the ducks are both in a better mood, and all the creatures seem to feel that same sort of hope that cool weather is just around the corner now.  I sat in the morning sunshine, watching and listening.   Nature is a wonderful teacher.  
I feel thankful for this quiet simple life that we live.  We have time to sit still, time to think, time to wonder.  Time to wander the land and talk to God.   Time to embrace the joys of simple living.

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